Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I ariel garcia edited laurens paper on concret angels
also i edited jon iversons paper on the black eyed peas/ i got a feelin

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fifteen Video


Video, whatch before reading story

“Mom it will be okay, I can walk myself to the bus this is high school not kindergarten” Taylor says to her mom. “Fine Taylor, just promise me if anyone says anything mean to you that you’ll tell someone. This is a big day for you honey” her mom replies. “I will mom, now bye”. Taylor walks onto the loud and hot bus filled with new and old faces, she finds her friend Abby and sits next to her. They excitedly wait to get to the school, constantly looking out the windows. They get to the front doors and pause for second, then look at each other and take a deep breath as they walk in. Shoulders and back packs are everywhere as Taylor tries to find her locker, when she finds it she realizes that is it two lockers down from a senior who she thinks is very cute. As she puts all her things in her locker she turns and sees that he is staring at her, she quick turns around and there’s Abby. “ Hey my locker is just around the corner, so were not too far away from each other” Abby says excitedly “Abby look behind me, do you that that boy with the brown hair? Super cute?” she whispers to Abby. “Umm yeah I do, wow he is cute, but he was just looking over here until I looked at him” replied Abby “Maybe he likes you” Abby says with a smile “Yeah right, but he is cute” Taylor says quietly.
Taylor walks to the doors of her very first class which is English and sits down, when she digs her back pack someone sits down next to her, she looks up and it’s the boy who was staring at her at the locker. She smiles a big smile the quick looks away “Hey I’m Luke” He says to her “Hi, I’m Taylor” she replies sheepishly with a smile. “So how is your first day going?” he asked her with a nervous tone , “well its going pretty good, I mean its only my first class still” she says with a little laugh. The whole first hour they sit and talk to each other, getting yelled at by the teacher for talking, but Taylor didn’t care she liked him, a lot. “So what are you doing tonight?” he says “I don’t think I have any plans” she says back. “Would you possibly want to go to the football game with me?” Luke says “sure I would love to” Taylor says “Great I’ll see you there!” the bell ring, perfect timing because Taylor can’t help but smile as she walks to her locker for her next class. As she gets to her locker she sees Abby and calls her over “Guess what just happened!?” she yells to Abby “What?” Abby replies with big eyes “Luke, the guys who was staring at me by the locker just asked me to go with him to the football game!” she says with a huge smile “Really! Wow he must like you! Are you going to go?” Abby says back “Yeah I told him I would meet him there” Taylor says “Okay well make sure to call me when you’re done and tell me all about it!” Abby says as she walks away. The rest of the day went by slow, all she could think about was Luke and waiting for it to be night so she would be with him at the football game. She wondered what her friends would think, what her mom would say, but that didn’t matter right now all that mattered was that she was going on a date with him. When Taylor got home she flew the door open and ran to the kitchen “Mom guess what guess what!?” She says out of breath “What honey?” her mom instantly replies “I have a date tonight with the cutest guy ever!” “Really? Already you do?” her mom says with a shocked face. “Yea can you believe it? He’s coming to pick me up at 6 for the football game, is that okay?” “He has a car?” “Please mom come one just one time!” Taylor pleads “Alright Taylor but you be safe and don’t do anything stupid” her mom says “Thanks mom!” Taylor starts to get ready and call all her friends to tell them she has a date with a senior, as she hangs up she hears a car pull up, she races down stairs and says goodbye to her mom and runs out the door. She gets in his car and she feels like flying, they talk and talk at the football game. She really likes him and she thinks he likes her too. After the games it was time to leave, though Taylor didn’t want to, they get in his car. As they pull up to the drive way “Goodnight Taylor I had a really good time” Luke whispers to her “Me too, I hope we can do it again” Taylor replies and he slowly comes forward and she comes forward and he kisses her good night. She walks in the house to see her mom waiting up, she just runs upstairs with a huge smile on her face. When she gets in her room she starts to dance around her room until the night ends. The next day at school they talk again and decide to go out again and again until finally he asks her to his girlfriend. They are together all the time, and do everything together. Then one day when they were at the field, which they always went, there to hangout he said that he can’t see her anymore. They fought and she cried and he dropped her off at her house for one last time. She walked in the house crying and ran straight to her room, she didn’t talk to anyone at school and when she looked at him she couldn’t help but cry.

Back then she swore she was going to marry him someday, but she realized some bigger dream she had. Her friend Abby gave everything she had to boy too, who changed his mind, and they both cried because when you’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you your going to believe them. She didn’t know who she was supposed to be, at fifteen.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Go Animate Story


Monday, May 10, 2010

May Post

I am going to do a Go Animate which will be a mini story that is about two minutes and i think that is a perfect length to write an animated story. I don't know what i am going to write about yet, but i want it to be more funny and relaxed then a serious story. I think i am going to write about this girl who looooves shoes and how she goes to pick out the perfect shoes but they dont have her size and she checks everywhere from store to store and finally finds them after along time searching.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Free Write on Video

This video was very wierd and honestly i didnt get much of if b/c the voice was annoying and the imiges were weird. i dont think i would show this to anyone or watch it again. i did understand the part where google would buy out this other company and amozon would buy out yahoo and i can see that happening in the future and then they becoming the largest online companies. I love google i use it for everything and im glad that it will be, maybe one of the biggest companies online b/c i know i will use it. also we have some crazy people in this class.